Senior B2 class of ’67 catches up

Senior B2 reflections: From left, Rodney Paternott, Austen Joseph, Fr Tony Martyn, Hamish Paternott , Dalston de Rozairo, Desmond Harridge, Ainsley Corteling, Murray Moldrich and Rienzie Machado

Senior B2 reflections: From left, Rodney Paternott, Austen Joseph, Fr Tony Martyn, Hamish Paternott , Dalston de Rozairo, Desmond Harridge, Ainsley Corteling, Murray Moldrich and Rienzie Machado



Rienzie Machado writes about a lively Senior B2 Class of ’67 get-together, with a special guest dropping by.

On November 14, five of the old boys from the Senior B2 class of ’67 caught up in Melbourne to rekindle school memories.
What a night it was. We recalled our classmates’ names and where we sat in this open-space classroom that had a constant source of fresh air.
As the coordinator of this event, I found it hard to keep one conversation going as there were more than five conversations going  at any given time with this famous five. The only time it was quiet was when our meal was
served by the staff of Malaysian Gardens. And guess who the wind blew in that night – Austen Joseph, Hamish Paternott and Fr Tony Martyn, who was on a Bishop’s conference in Australia.
Fr Tony said grace for us, and recalled our teachers and Rectors’ names before we started on the sumptuous selection made by our culinary expert, Murray.
I did manage to get a list of names of the 1967 class – Maxi Alles, Gerard Velayuthen, Peter Jansz, Royston Pietersz, Deepak Shah, Connel Munasinghe, Dexter de Zilwa, Miftha Mohideen , Glenn Outschoorn, Gerald Vandergert, Deepak Subnani, Ravanel Van Gramberg, Jan Koelmeyer, Godrick  Kelaart, Jayantha Ponnamperuma,  Guinn Ragel, Rajah Sandrasekeram, Tilak Fernando, Rodney Paternott, Desmond Harridge, Ainsley Corteling, Murray Moldrich, Dalston de Rozairo, Sunil Perera, Soli Udhanwela, the late Cedric Ball, Mazhar Mohamedally and my brother, Axie Machado.
I am sure we must have missed some names as our class had more students; how I wish I had a copy of the class register!
We are sure that this is the first of many more class reunions to come.
If you know of any names  we missed, please reply via this blog so that I could update.
We have news that Miftha is due in Melbourne in December this year and if you wish to join us, please contact Rodney or me to be invited to our next class reunion.
Dalston came up with a humanitarian gesture that as a class we should help those who have been affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. At the time of writing this blog, we collected $120 and handed it as a contribution to a
family – known to me – affected badly by the disaster.
If any of our classmates wishes to contribute, please advise me ASAP.