Old Petes win

NSW OBU NEWS: There was no Three-Pete in 2019, but we won the Joe-Pete (again) defeating the Old Joes convincingly, scoring 118 in our allotted 12 overs, to which the Old Joes replied with just 85 runs.

Senarath Seneviratne was named the Best Batsman for the tournament with a total of 85 runs scored in only 24 balls!

Thanks to the team for sacrificing their evenings and weekends to practise – you made us proud with your achievements on Sunday.

Thanks also to the Old Peterite supporters and families for turning up on a very hot day to cheer our boys.

Contibuted by Amal Wahab

The winning Old Peterite team, continuing their dominance over the Old Joes in NSW.
Senarath Seneviratne with his trophy for best batsman of the tournament.