Mates from 1970: Look at them now

Peterite cricket captain of 1977 Charinde Perera and a group of schoolmates from 1970 re-enacted an iconic photo on October 21, 2017, at a mini reunion in Los Angeles. The before and after photos were posed identically despite a span of 47 years.

Charinde picks up the story:

“You may recall the February 1970 Technofest Carnival. Amrita De Soyza, Ruvan Dharmaratne, Mario Saparamado, Dion Jayasekara, Errol Thambinaygam and I manned a ‘Tin Pyramid’ booth at the carnival.

“Our art teacher, I believe his name was B.P.S. Fernando, had set up a photo booth at the carnival.  After a few hours of manning the ‘Tin Pyramid’ stall, the six of us decided to shut down our booth and take a walk to check out the rest of the carnival. When we stopped at the photo booth manned by our art teacher, he asked the six of us if we wanted to take a picture and it was “free”. Of course we agreed.

“The resulting image is seen in the ‘Before’ shot.

“For several years I’ve been wanting to re-create this image with the six of us. Finally, earlier this year everyone, including Errol, agreed to meet in Los Angeles on October 21.  The ‘After’ image is below.

“Unfortunately, Errol was not with us. As sad as it was not to have Errol join us, we had the luxury of having the company of Tony Jayatilake and his wife Ellen from Toronto, Geoff Abeysinghe and his wife Debbie from LA, Lal Perera and his wife Srini (my sister) and Shamilal Wijeratne (a.k.a. Shamilal De S Wijeratne) and his wife Sheana.  Shamilal is a Joe but he is close friends with me, Mario and Ruwan.”

In a sad postscript, Geoff Abeysinghe passed away suddenly on October 23. Geoff is the younger brother of Peter, Chris and Johann. Our condolences to Geoff’s family and friends. May he rest in peace.

BEFORE: In the frame in 1970. From left: Charinde Perera, Ruvan Dharmaratne, Errol Thambinayagam, Mario Saparamadu, Amritha de Soyza and Dion Jayasekera.


AFTER: In the frame in 2017. From left: Charinde Perera, Ruvan Dharmaratne, Mario Saparamadu (seated), Amritha de Soyza and Dion Jayasekera.