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7 years ago

From Shiran Viswasam

Big congratulations to the organising committee for putting together this wonderful reunion. I have attended every single one so far and it gets better every year. And, each time I have travelled down to Melbourne for this event I have had the opportunity to meet an old schoolmate who I have not met for over 35 years. This time was no exception. I met my classmate Tony Motha after 37 years, Shanthilal Fernando and Tiny Goonathilake after 20 years, rugby mate Keith Nugegoda after 25 years. The list goes on and on.

The success of this event has to be measured by the number of old Peterites who travelled especially from overseas and interstate to be part of this great event. And the numbers get bigger every year. So let us all Lend a Heart and Lend a Hand to the organising committee and make the next reunion in 2017 even bigger. – Shiran

7 years ago

From Ralph Perumal

Glad to be connected. Let us lend our heart and a hand to those who need us. – Ralph

7 years ago

From Brian Ratnayake

Happy to see yet another Peterite Community network. Congratulations!

If you are likely to be in the U.K. on Saturday, November 1, 2014, do come to our annual Peterite LA BAMBA NITE 2014 Dinner/Dance at the Holiday Inn London, Wembley. Adults GBP 50.00 Children upto 12 years GBP 14.00

For tickets, phone Len 07904 362900 or Brian 07710 233469

7 years ago

From Arthur Fernandez
Just reading the feedback and viewing the pictures brought back many wonderful memories of our college days. As they say we make many friends in our work life, but I still believe that the college guys are the best. Keep up the good work and may the gathering go from strength to strength. Virtus et veritas. Cheers, Arthur.

7 years ago

From Tony Motha

Thank you very much to the loyal Peterites who put this wonderful reunion together. I am guilty of not contributing in any way and rocking up to the party, apologies. This occasion gave me the opportunity to meet my classmates, some after 37 years. If not for your efforts I may never have seen these friends ever again. Thank you for making it happen. God bless you and your families. The event was sensational – great food, lots of fun and good music. Well done organising committee – great job. See you all at the next one. – Tony

7 years ago

Malcolm Schokman’s tribute to the actors of the skits:

Guys, you were the toast of the night. To put in simply – you guys were bloody good! The acting and engagement with the audience raised spontaneous outbursts of laughter and had everyone engrossed with (for many) a trip down Memory Lane of what our college classrooms were like.

Tony, you were commanding and articulate as Archie and I seriously think you have another career waiting for you in retirement. Ramesh, with so little practice and with the most speaking parts amongst the students, you pulled off a very real and smooth performance. Adrian, after saying that I twisted your arm to make you take part, you went from strength to strength pulling off a great example of Archie’s favourite whipping boy i.e. the burgher cockroach. Kevin you had great engagement on the stage with the others and a maestro performance as Tino. Pierre, with no real practice and from a non-speaking role to the potential veralu seller – you were in the moment- probably only topped by your earlier role as “Somapala”, the sacristan. – Malcolm

From Adrian Young:

Rienzie, I enjoyed reading your article in the Peterites Reunited souvenir; it brought back great memories of Flamboyant flower bud “cock fights” past. I thought you might be interested in the attached picture I took when I visited college in May this year, which is a view of the canal bank with a flowering branch of a Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant) tree in the background (see picture below).

Malcolm, I greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and the opportunity to re-establish contact with close friends from my college years. You and the other members of the organising committee are to be congratulated. It was obvious that all of you had worked extremely hard and given generously of your time, to make the event the success that it clearly was. I observed everyone having a fabulous time and the evening flowed seamlessly. Well done! – Adrian



From Pierre Lawrence:

Thank you for the trip down Memory Lane.

Malcolm, you did an exceptional job organising all of this as well as writing out the scripts. This was a remarkable feat and maybe something to think about in retirement. To the rest of the crew, it was a pleasure working with all of you and I will do it again – in a heartbeat. To Archie: I guess if Archie was alive, he would have given you six of the best for doing a great job and outdoing the original. It was fantastic Tony. All the very BEST

until we meet again.  – Pierre


From Tony Martyn

First of all, thanks for the kind words regarding the performances. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a great bunch of guys. Shows the true Peterite spirit. I really enjoyed myself and the feedback was extremely positive, even though some things didn’t quite go according to plan. But who’s complaining? Well done to all. Looking forward to working with you guys again at some point in the future. Thanks again. – Tony


From Ramesh Navaratne

It was a lot of fun getting to know Archie through you guys. Thanks for the feedback and the support. Wishing you all the best. – Ramesh


From Sasthri Samaranayake

Lawry, it was great to see you and catch up with so many others that I have not met for over four decades. We all had a terrific time, the music was good and the food was simply fabulous. Please convey my congratulations to all of the organising committee for a job well done. – Sasthri

From Lawrence Machado

Congratulationss to the organising committee for another smashing show. We do appreciate all the hard work over the years as these have been unforgettable reunions which would have not been possible if not for all of you.  – Lawrie



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Canal View

8 years ago

St Peter’s College ground is undergoing restoration. As a result, all home matches will be played at other venues.

The fixtures for next year:


3-4: Vs. Ananda College – Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa.

10-11: Vs. Maris Stella College – Negombo.

13-14: Vs. D.S. Senanayaka College –  Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa.
17-18: Vs. St Sebastian’s College – SC College ground.
24-25: Vs. Prince of Wales College – POW College ground.
31-Feb 1: Vs. St. Thomas College – Mt. Lavinia

07-08: Vs. Royal College – Reid Avenue.
14-15: Vs. St. Benedict’s College – Kotahena.
21-22: Vs. St. Anthony’s College – Katugastota.
26-27: Vs. Gurukulla College – venue to be confirmed.
28- March 1:- Josephian-Peterite mini battle – venue to be confirmed.

7-8:- Josephian-Peterite big match – Oval.
15: Josephian-Peterite limited overs match – Keththarama,

Information sourced from SPC OBU

8 years ago


St Peter’s College OBU in New South Wales has elected its office-bearers for 2014.

The following are the officials:

President: Winston Velayuthen

Secretary: Ron Pieres

Treasurer: Shanoi Fernando

Auditor: Gerard Velayuthen

Committee members: Gamini Jayasinghe, Harsha Weerakoddy, Shirah Viswasam

Sports: Roshara Alles

Editor: Lawrence Machado