2008 – such joy was ours


This is the report of the highly successful reunion held in Melbourne in October 2008.

By Lawrence Machado


IF nostalgia was the main thing Peterites wanted, they had it in spades as Melbourne hosted its second reunion in seven years.

The Sacred Hearts Church Hall in Oakleigh was ablaze with Blue, White, and Gold colours, while schoolboy photos and sporting memorabilia set the night’s mood.

Schoolmates Ainsley Corteling, Gerard Velayuthen, Rienzie Machado, Russell Mortimer, Murray Moldrich and Malcolm Schokman were rewarded for their hard work and planning with the reunion billed a roaring success by the 280-strong crowd.

Some flew in from overseas — Sri Lankan-based Travis Victoria and Canadian Dylan Modder joining the fun — and over sixty from Rector came complete with the cane — even after so many years we can still feel the sting of that vicious weapon — and swung it enthusiastically to bring rogue “students” to heel, all with laughter, even from the “victim” who got six of the best.

Later, the Peterites organised themselves into their respective houses and belted out a powerful and enthusiastic version of their anthem, ‘Lend A Heart And Lend A Hand’.

The Petes followed this with a tribute to their partners by handing over a red rose to them.

Sydney-based Guinn Ragel, Randy Pieris, and Chris Pietersz provided high quality entertainment, along with fellow Conrad de Silva of Jetliners and Spitfires fame.

Everard Hoffman, Pierre Lawrence and Sampath Ratnatunga also rocked the evening inter-state for the best college reunion.

Among the several items and skits, the most memorable and hilarious was the assembly and line call where Fr Rector aka Rienzie Machado took ‘students’ to task over poor discipline, non-payment of school fees and sloppiness in studies among others. As performances go, it was an award-winning one!

After pre-dinner drinks of sparkling wine and sherry it was time for the college line bell with MC Senani Gunasekera strolling in to James Bond theme music.

The famous bell saw all Peterites standing in line as if they hadn’t left college with Russell Mortimer imitating a master of discipline to near perfection.

The entrée pack, reminiscent of the tuck shop pack and including archaru, spicy chickpeas and the humble vadai, was a surprise along with the branded Peterite wine bottles that were distributed as keepsake souvenirs.

A tribute to all the past teachers was made to the music of ‘To Sir With Love’ and ‘If I Had Words’ with a former teacher, Clifford Peiris, being honoured.

Frederick Prins was the best-dressed Peterite wearing college clothing, complete with blue shorts and stockings.

The entertainment also included a young and talented “Elvis” while DJ George, who played the sax during the dinner break and closed off the night with his Bouzouki, enlivened the night.

The souvenir, edited by Lawrence Heyn, is a wonderful keepsake as some of the Petes recalled memorable incidents and personalities.

Kudos to Caterers Jolly J’s sumptuous buffet and staff for a smooth operation.

“The evening was a big success and our thanks to everyone who made it so. While no dates have been set, we all know there will be another one but when and where we cannot say,” said Rienzie Machado.

Que Sera Sera is what they said last time….